Frequently Asked Questions

As another election approaches, may I support my candidate with posting a campaign sign in my yard?

Yes, however all signs must be located in close proximity to your home — between the front walkway and your home, i.e., the flower bed area. None shall be located in the front lawn area, or other islands (reference 7.3 “Signs”, under your protective convenants).

For my upcoming yard sale, where can I place signs to advertise for it?

These type of signs can be placed in the neighborhood (not attached to the street signs throughout our streets), beginning the morning of the sale and taken down at the end of the day. In addition, these signs must be pre-printed (from Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.). NO signs of any type will be attached to the existing street signs.

I have received a few letters from the Covenants’ Committee, addressing certain things around my home. I feel as if my home is fine, and that I’m being picked on. What can I do?

First, and foremost, this neighborhood has an active homeowners’ association — one that strives to keep the neighborhood looking its best. The Covenants’ Committee is working hard at ensuring everyone is in compliance with our rules and regulations, not just a few homes. We want to keep the value of our homes as high as it could be, which requires a lot of work on ALL of our behalfs.

However, you as a homeowner do have an appeals’ right, against any fine levied against you (reference 3.21 of the Brookstone Park Bylaws). This will allow you to present your case to the Board in Executive Session.

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