Frequently Asked Questions

As anoth­er elec­tion approach­es, may I sup­port my can­di­date with post­ing a cam­paign sign in my yard?

NO,  (ref­er­ence 7.3 “Signs”, under your pro­tec­tive convenants).

I have received a few let­ters from the Covenants’ Committee, address­ing cer­tain things around my home. I feel as if my home is fine, and that I’m being picked on. What can I do?

First, and fore­most, this neigh­bor­hood has an active home­own­ers’ asso­ci­a­tion — one that strives to keep the neigh­bor­hood look­ing its best. The Covenants’ Committee is work­ing hard at ensur­ing every­one is in com­pli­ance with our rules and reg­u­la­tions, not just a few homes. We want to keep the val­ue of our homes as high as it could be, which requires a lot of work on ALL of our behalfs.

However, you as a home­own­er do have an appeals’ right, against any fine levied against you (ref­er­ence 3.21 of the Brookstone Park Bylaws). This will allow you to present your case to the Board in Executive Session.